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About Us

What is Insect Investigators?

Insect investigators is an exciting collaborative science project. We seek to inspire and educate Australia’s emerging scientists in school, whilst also achieving scientific outcomes.

We’re working with schools across South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland to collect specimens of invertebrates: butterflies, spiders and more. We run classroom sessions with students to educate them in the scientific process, and how it is applied to Australian biodiversity.

We’ve also partnered with experts in Australia’s taxonomic community to assess, describe, document and name new species that are discovered by students across the country.

What are we doing?

Taxonomy is the science of discovering, describing and naming species. Estimates suggest that greater than 70% of Australia’s insect diversity is still largely unknown to science, meaning they don’t have a formal name. Here at Insect Investigators, we hope to fix this, whilst educating and inspiring Australia’s next generation of scientists along the way!

For effective taxonomy, the first step is to generate specimens. This means we need to head out into regional Australia and start catching insects! We’ll be using Malaise traps, which passively collect any flying insects that fly into them (think butterflies, bees and blowflies).

We’ll be setting up these traps with help from students, who know better than most where the best places to catch creepy-crawlies are. We safely store everything we catch in alcohol to preserve them, and transport them back to the lab for the next step of the process.

Who can be involved?

Primary Schools in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland are invited to apply to be a part of this project.

Taxonomists who specialize in documenting and describing a group of Australia’s invertebrate fauna.

Our Project Team

Executing the Insect Investigators Vision

Our Taxonomists

Meet our team of passionate taxonomists, who are dedicated to describing and documenting Australia’s unique biodiversity.

Our Museums Team

Ensuring our specimens are preserved until the end of time.