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School discussion board

Use the discussion board below to post pictures of your Malaise trap and any other updates you’d like to share with the other schools! You could post images of insects you’re finding, students could write comments on other schools’ posts, or you could post a picture of how full the specimen bottle is when you change it each week.

Click the ‘open in new tab’ button in the top right hand corner of the discussion board to open it in full screen. Scroll across to find your school. Schools are grouped by state and ordered alphabetically.

Note this board is visible to anyone visiting the webpage, so please do not post pictures of students without a signed media consent form.

Unless you sign in, your post will come up as ‘Anonymous’ – so don’t forget to let us know who you are in your post or comment!

We will not be able to identify all of the insect photos you share (we’re sorry!). The best way to get a photo of an insect identified is to post it on iNaturalist, and add it to the Bush Blitz Species Discovery Project. This also makes the photo available for all sorts of other scientific research.

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