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Malaise trap location

We are hoping to be able to do some scientific analyses comparing the trap contents between locations. To be able to do this, we need to know a bit about the place you’ve put up the trap.

This can be completed as a desktop activity soon after trapping is finished, but you will need to ensure you take the photos whilst the trap is up.

Malaise location information

Location of your Malaise trap

We need to know the GPS location of your trap. You can either head out to the trap and take a GPS reading using your phone (e.g. the compass app) or go to google maps and place a pin on the map where your trap is to find the latitude and longitude – try to be as precise as possible (zoom in and use satellite mode to make it easiest to work out where the trap is/was!)

Trap photos

Please take 4 pictures of the trap (one from each side when looking at the trap) at approx 5 metres distance from the trap. Images can be in jpg or png file format. 

Distance of the trap to…

Whilst you’ll undertake a detailed habitat assessment later in the project, there are some simple measurements we’d like to know now. 


Tell us about the trapping process

We just want to check the dates and get some information that might relate to how many insects were collected.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


Some schools record local weather conditions. If your school has this equipment, feel free to record the following while the Malaise trap is installed. Alternatively, we can source this information online for you (or you could use it as an activity for your class to collect the information from the bureau of meteorology website).